Robot increasing number of doses of vaccine against CVI created in Thailand

Thailand has developed a machine to help increase the number of doses of coronavirus vaccine. The fact is that the robot removes the drug from the vials without losing the contents. As a result, 20% more vaccinations can be delivered, reports with reference to

So far, the device works only on the AstraZeneca vaccine. The prototype of the robot costs almost 80 thousand dollars. This is more than 30 million tenge. The researchers note that they could produce several dozen more prototypes in the coming months, but for this they will need government support. There are also plans to develop equipment for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

As noted, due to the reduced supply of drugs, the country lags behind in terms of vaccination rates.
So far, only 9% of the population has received vaccinations.

Recall that since the beginning of the pandemic in Thailand, more than a million cases of COVID-19 infection have been registered. About 10 thousand people have died from the infection.
12:50, 26 August 2021

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