One hundred centenarians revealed secrets of longevity

LifeHunters interviewed a group of 100 elderly people who revealed the main secrets of a long life. The report on the study is provided by the Nigerian version of The Sun newspaper, reports with reference to

First of all, experts noted that men and women who have reached their 100th birthday have a positive thinking and attitude to life.

In addition, they all stated that they felt 20-30 years younger than their actual age, as evidenced by biomarkers such as blood pressure, muscle and bone mass, and fitness. These indicators in centenarians corresponded rather to the age at which they felt themselves, and not to the real one.

There was not a single "fan of a healthy lifestyle" among the group of retirees, but they all ate simple homemade food. At the same time, many centenarians did not deny themselves alcohol and smoking.

Another common feature of people who have lived 100 years or more is strong and positive family relationships. They always spoke of family with fondness, even if their spouses died decades ago. At the same time, centenarians cannot be called people "stuck in the past" - they are actively interested in modern life and are learning something new.

Experts believe that good memories, mental alertness and curiosity support older people and prolong their lives.
12:18, 22 June 2021

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