More than 50 people injured in a major fire in Antalya

In the area of Manavgat in Turkish Antalya, a strong forest fire broke out. The authorities decided to evacuate the residents of three blocks. According to the latest data, 53 people were injured, reports with reference to

Alarmed tourists post videos from the resort on social media. Black smoke is already in a close proximity of hotels and beaches. The sky turned orange. The situation is aggravated by the wind and heat, in Antalya the heat is +40. The fire is extinguished from the air, but the fire continues to attack.

“The helicopters simply do not stop working, they have been flying endlessly for several hours, there are four points of fire at the moment, the fire has already come very close to houses, houses are burning, there are victims,” says tourist Svetlana Korotaeva.

Emergency services are trying to take control of the situation. To eliminate the fire, 2 aircraft, 15 helicopters, 106 fire engines and 6 bulldozers are involved.

According to data from social networks, the fire occurred as a result of a fire at a garbage dump in Antalya province, due to the wind, it began to approach hotels and residential buildings.

According to the media, the fire occurred in two points of the nearest forest. The fire quickly spread over a large area.

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli left for the disaster zone.

The Mayor of Antalya urged the authorities to declare popular Turkish resorts a disaster zone. However, official Ankara claims that nothing threatens tourist sites.

08:53, 29 July 2021

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