Leaders of 60 countries made a "promise to nature"

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In New York, a joint statement by the leaders of more than 60 countries was presented, imposing environmental obligations to save the planet, reports with reference to

Leaders of states and governments of more than 60 countries signed a statement released on Monday, September 28, in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, "Promise to Nature", in which they pledged to take steps to support biodiversity.

One of the stated goals of the document is to end poaching and stop the flow of plastic waste into the oceans by 2050.

The statement, timed to the upcoming UN summit on biodiversity, was signed, in particular, by representatives of Germany, Great Britain and France.

Meanwhile, as follows from the report of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) "Living Planet 2020", more than two thirds of representatives of the animal world have been destroyed by humans over the past 50 years. The report shows that the number of vertebrate populations, including birds and fish, on Earth has declined by 68 percent since 1970. The cause is the global economic growth and extensive economy, which lead to the destruction of habitats of living organisms, climate change, deforestation and pollution of the world's oceans.
11:40, 29 September 2020