Kazakhstan is 36th in annual World Happiness Report ranking

Photo © Adilbek Tauekelov /
The UN presented the annual World Happiness Report. It evaluates 149 countries in terms of such indicators as life expectancy, social support, corruption and others, refers to WHR reporting.

Finland remains in first place in the ranking for the fourth year in a row. Iceland, Denmark, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Norway, New Zealand and Austria are also among the ten happiest countries.

Kazakhstan took 36th place, overtaking Russia, Georgia and Tajikistan.

Among the countries of the former USSR, Estonia has the best indicators - 28th place, Lithuania - 29th place. Kyrgyzstan is at 33rd, Latvia at 34th, Kazakhstan at 36th, Moldova at 49th, Russia at 60th, Tajikistan at 62nd, Ukraine at 69th, Georgia at 73rd place.

The last lines of the rating are Zimbabwe and Tanzania.

The ranking of countries' happiness has been compiled since 2012. As a rule, the first lines in it are taken by European countries.

Zhanat Tukpiev
17:21, 19 March 2021