“It is the whole world” - Armenia Tourist magazine issue devoted to Kazakhstan

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The issue of the popular magazine Armenia Tourist was completely devoted to Kazakhstan. The special issue was made under the leadership of the editor-in-chief of the publication Ruben Pashinyan, who traveled to Kazakhstan to make interesting articles, reports.

The 120- page of high-quality gloss gives tips for travelers about the history, culture, life of the Kazakh people, sights and national cuisine.

The special issue of number 28 is devoted to the 28th anniversary of Kazakhstan independence.

The magazine also uses digital technology, it has an interactive cover. With QR code, if there is a special application, an image video clip about Kazakhstan opens to the reader.

The editor-in-chief of Armenia Tourist magazine Ruben Pashinyan says he has fallen in love with the new point on the map for himself and plans to spend his next vacation there.

“All our team fell in love with this country. Already all the feedbacks are mostly about looking forward to visiting Kazakhstan. People have a desire to see beautiful regions, to break the stereotype that Kazakhstan is just Central Asia and that’s it. No, it is the whole world, a huge world, and each of our pages is dedicated to this world. I really liked the people. I really liked the attitude of the young generation to seniors, attitude to their city, attitude to their country. This is so touching that you cannot help falling in love with it,” - Pashinyan shared.

08:47, 6 December 2019

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