Infectious disease specialist named most infectious object in office

Photo: Tauekelov
A computer keyboard is the most dangerous item in the office: untreated buttons can contain various bacteria, intestinal infections, including coronavirus, said Irina Shilkina, chief freelance infectious disease specialist of the Moscow Region Ministry of Health, reports with reference to

"A computer keyboard is the most contagious item, especially in the office. Due to the fact that it is difficult to disinfect, few people do it. As a result, pathogenic bacteria and viruses stay on the buttons, among which there may be a coronavirus," Shilkina said.

According to her, before starting to work on the keyboard, it is necessary to wash your hands, and the same should be done afterwards, since bacteria circulating in the air often settle on the surface of the buttons.

"Moreover, hands need to be washed correctly: at least 1.5 minutes," added the infectious disease specialist.

12:40, 15 October 2020