Fate of 142 Kazakhstan students in Hong Kong remains unknown - MFA

Fierce rallies in Hong Kong have been going on for six months. The Foreign Ministry recommended that Kazakhstanis left the city. Not everyone followed this advice. The fate of some Kazakhstanis is still unknown, reports.

Closed faces, smoke, students and Molotov cocktails. Police storming the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The university is engaged in anti-government demonstrators. People are detained not only on the streets, but also on student campuses. Dormitories no longer have immunity. The police there, as well as the protesters, are now frequent guests.

“We don’t arrest minors, but take photos and put them in the database. As for adults, they will be arrested. All this time the police leadership has been in close contact with the university leadership. We hope this will help convince students and faculty on campus to leave as soon as possible,” said chief inspector of the Hong Kong police public relations department.

Despite warnings, students are in no hurry to leave the hostel. The other day, law enforcement officers stormed another university - Baptist University. It was where a Kazakhstani was detained, 19-year-old, caught with a Molotov cocktail in his hands. Now he will stay in custody until the second hearing in court, the Foreign Ministry said.

"We contacted his parents. Our diplomats are looking for lawyers," the spokesman for Kazakhstan MFA, Aibek Smadiyarov said.

But lawyers in Hong Kong are not easy to find, as in the six months of protests, about 4 thousand people were detained. People rally against the draft extradition law.

"118 Kazakhstan students have already left Hong Kong. About 40 are leaving this week. The fate of 142 students remains unknown. They are not registered with the consulate," Smadiyarov said.

12:41, 22 November 2019


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