State service on educational grants awards malfunctioned

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Applicants cannot apply for a grant on the portal. The system malfunctioned due to delays in receiving response data from the systems of the Ministry of Education and Science, refers to the press service of National Information Technologies JSC reporting.

The portal receives information on the majors that an applicant can apply for, on the UNT results and others. If the receipt of this information from the databases of the Ministry of Education and Science is delayed or impossible, the applicant cannot use the service.

Unfortunately, at the moment there is a delay on the part of the Ministry’s systems for each applicant, which ultimately leads to the inaccessibility of filing an application for a grant, the NIT explained.

They added that the service was available and worked normally for three days and was successfully tested by a focus group. Now the Ministry of Education and Science is optimizing services, which can at times cause unavailability of the service.

At present, the NIT together with the Ministry of Education and Science is carrying out technical work to repair the current situation, it is informed.

19:46, 16 July 2021

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