Progress MS-12 freight vehicle launched from Baikonur to ISS

Photo: Roscosmos
Today, July 31, 2019, Soyuz 2.1a carrier rocket with Progress MS-12 transport cargo vehicle was launched from launch pad No. 31 of Baikonur Cosmodrome at 06:10:46pm (Nur-Sultan time), reports.

The launch took place in the normal mode.  At the specified time Progress MS-12 was launched into orbit. It should dock to the ISS in more than three hours after launch.

The freighter is to deliver 1.2 tons of dry cargo to the International Space Station (ISS), more than a ton of fuel, 420 kg of water, and 50 kg of compressed gas in cylinders.

The cargo also includes scientific equipment, life support system components, containers with food, clothing, medicines and personal hygiene items for the crew.

19:23, 31 July 2019


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