Mobile internet speed grown in Kazakhstan - rating

Photo: Akhanov
In the ranking of countries in mobile Internet speed in June 2021, Kazakhstan took 80th place, having improved its position by 5 points in a month, and by 15 points in a year, refers to reporting.

Mobile Internet speed reached 30.18 Mbps versus 21.25 Mbps in June last year, plus a significant 42% over the year. It is worth noting: Internet connection speed has been growing for the fourth month in a row.

In the CIS, the speed of mobile Internet in Kazakhstan is higher than in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Tajikistan. Among other countries of the world, Kazakhstan is ahead of Malaysia, Egypt, India, Venezuela, etc.

The average speed of mobile Internet in the world in June was 55.34 Mbps. Leading countries are the UAE (193.51 Mbps), South Korea (180.48 Mbps) and Qatar (171.76 Mbps). The lowest speed was recorded in Afghanistan - only 7.37 Mbps.

As of July 1 of this year, there are already 24.2 million cellular subscribers in Kazakhstan, which is 1.2% more than a year earlier. Of these, 15.8 million subscribers have access to the Internet, plus 7% per year. The share of subscribers with access to the World Wide Web rose to 65.3% in June this year against 61.8% a year earlier.

11:14, 21 July 2021

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