Mobile communication will be improved in Almaty mountains

Cellular signals will be strengthened in the mountains of Almaty, refers to the mayor of the city, Bakytzhan Sagintayev, announcing it live during the online presentation "Development of Almaty in 2021: improvement and landscaping projects.

As he noted, against the background of the pandemic, visits to mountainous areas by residents and guests of the city have grown 4 times.

"Work is underway to create accessible tourist public spaces. Over the past year, 4 visitor centers in mountainous areas, glamping hotels were built, 1,000 kilometers of mountain hiking trails were digitized, 500 kilometers of trails were improved. This year, another 172 kilometers of mountain routes will be improved," Sagintayev said.

We are also working on projects to ensure safety in mountainous areas.

"This year, it is planned to cover 14 dangerous areas with cellular communications, where tourists regularly lose their way. Additionally, 10 radio relay masts will be installed in the mountains to transmit distress signals to the rescuers' console," the mayor added.

20:10, 14 April 2021