Kazakhstan's first commercial 5G network launched in Nur-Sultan

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Kazakhtelecom JSC launched the first 5G commercial network in Kazakhstan in the capital. Now the fifth generation technology is available on the Altel network in the territory of the international technology park of IT startups Astana Hub, reports with reference to the Astana Hub PR and Marketing Department.

The technology will be available to owners of devices that support the 5G format and are subscribers of Altel and Tele2.

“The network launched today is the first 5G commercial zone in Kazakhstan that will operate on the Astana Hub territory on an ongoing basis. This is where developers can test and implement new 5G digital products and projects. Similar zones will appear in other regions for various cases. This year we plan to launch commercial technology in Shymkent to implement the FWA business case - fixed-wireless access," said the Chief Executive Officer for innovations of Kazakhtelecom JSC Nurlan Meirmanov.

5G technology is characterized by high data transfer speed, high capacity and ultra-reliable connection with low latency and ability of IoT devices to mass connection for a wide variety of tasks.

“For the first time, the 5G network is launched on the territory of the EXPO Business Center and is already available on the territory of the Astana Hub technology park. Today, the 5G network has been introduced only in 2-3 countries of the world and is already available in Kazakhstan. During the Digital Bridge forum, the network will be available on an ongoing basis. This is great news for IT professionals and startups who take part in the Forum. We are pleased that Kazakhtelecom launched the 5G network in anticipation of the Digital Bridge technology forum," said Adіlet Nurgozhin, Executive Director of Astana Hub IT-startups international technology park.

5G networks will be used both for provision of mobile communication services and Internet access for the population, as well as for IoT cases, smart city, smart manufacturing and other areas. In fact, 5G networks will become the basis for the digital transformation of companies and development of digital economy.

In the near future, Kazakhtelecom JSC is launching test zones in Almaty and Shymkent.
14:25, 24 October 2019


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