Kazakhstanis may no longer carry IDs

Kazakhstanis have access to the service in the eGov mobile app, allowing presenting an ID in electronic form, reports with reference to the press service of National Information Technologies JSC.

“Now it’s easy to find your ID and of family members in electronic form. The document is already available to all authorized users of the eGov mobile application. #NITEC # electronic government developers launched the eGov mobile app functions: if you do not have the original identity card with you, you can present it electronically by means of a QR code,” the Facebook page of the e-government says.

For example, when filling out documents at a notary, it is enough to show your electronic identity card in the eGov mobile app, after which you will be offered a function - open access using a QR code. The notary will thus be able to easily verify that your document is genuine.

The eGov mobile app is available on the Play Market (Android) and the App Store (iPhone).
Zhanat Tukpiev
13:41, 6 November 2019


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