Kazakhstan took 31st place in cyber readiness ranking

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According to the report of the UN International Telecommunication Union, Kazakhstan rose to 31st place. 3 years ago, the country ranked 83rd, and a year ago - 40th, refers to the Instagram account of the State Technical Service reporting.

In the CIS, our country takes 2nd place after Russia.

The Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) served as the basis for the distribution of places in the final table, according to the UN ITU report, which unites 193 states.

According to experts, Kazakhstan stood out with technical, legislative and cooperative measures aimed at creating and strengthening technical institutions providing information and cyber security, as well as the potential for development and cooperation with other states.

The activity of STS JSC has a positive impact on the cybersecurity of Kazakhstan. So, in 2020, more than 24 000 information security incidents (IS) were worked out, 1,500 complaints from citizens were accepted, more than 594 million attacks on state bodies were warded off, memorandums were signed with Georgia, Indonesia, Israel, France, Malaysia and Turkmenistan, and over 2,200 outbound notifications were sent and over 1,700 notifications from international partners were received.

14:55, 30 June 2021

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