Kazakhstan ranking results in innovations presented

Kazakhstan took 77th place out of 131 in the ranking of countries in terms of innovation, refers to results.

It is noted that in the 2020 ranking in terms of innovation, where 131 countries were assessed, Kazakhstan took 77th place. The RK index stands at 28.6 - more than that of Kyrgyzstan, but less than that of such EAEU countries as Russia, Armenia and Belarus.

The rating is headed by Switzerland, Sweden and the United States. The rating by the innovation level represents the most complete set of indicators of the innovative development of countries of the world. The innovation index includes 80 different variables that characterize innovative development of countries at different economic development levels.

The index is calculated as a weighted sum of assessments of two groups of indicators:

• available resources and conditions for innovation (Innovation Input);

• achieved practical results of innovation (Innovation Output).

According to the first group of indicators, Kazakhstan took 60th place out of 131 in the rating, and 94th according to the second.

All 80 indicators characterizing the innovation development level are also combined into 7 large categories. Among them, Kazakhstan has the highest indicator in the category "Institutions" (institutional structure): the country's index in it is 69. The category "Institutions" assesses business, political environment and regulatory framework.

Kazakhstan has the lowest indicator in "Creative Results" category: only 12.9 (105th line of the rating). This category includes intangibles, creative goods and services and online creativity.

Ekaterina Eliseeva
10:33, 22 February 2021