Interior Minister inspected police digitization progress in WKR

from MIA RK press service
Minister of Internal Affairs Yerlan Turgumbayev checked the work of the Operational Management Center of Uralsk during his working trip to West Kazakhstan region, refers to the MIA RK press service reporting.

The Minister was shown the equipment of the precinct points and stationary posts, assessed conditions necessary for the policemen’s service.

The widespread use of modern technological developments in everyday police activities is a priority for the internal affairs bodies, enabling prevention of offenses and a more rapid solution of crimes. Digitalization potential should be used maximally, the Interior Minister said, also noting a new process of receiving calls to the police, using the mobile application 102 KZ.

In West Kazakhstan region, the minister visited a number of objects of the internal affairs bodies and the National Guard. Among them are district police stations and a military unit.

In Uralsk, Turgumbayev also examined one of the ten new modular stationary police posts installed in the most crowded and crime prone places, and met with the Police Department staff, where he set new tasks to ensure security in the region.

14:10, 24 February 2021