Expert said that all messengers have access to smartphone files

© AP Photo / Patrick Sison
All messengers, including Telegram, have access to smartphone files, said Arseniy Shcheltsin, director general of the Digital Platforms ANO, reports.

On Wednesday, the creator of the Telegram messenger, Pavel Durov, criticized the WhatsApp messenger because of security problems. According to him, WhatsApp does not protect messages, but also tracks photos and messages that are not related to the messenger. According to Durov, the problem lies in the Facebook policy that owns WhatsApp.

"Each messenger has the ability to access the phone files, including Telegram. Does the messenger use this data for its work? It's hard to say," the expert said.

According to him, WhatsApp is trying to show its benefits to investors. "It has to pay back its millions-dollars costs, and collecting data for the best advertising targeting is an excellent format, Mark (Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook - ed.) probably thinks," Shcheltsin added.
14:14, 21 November 2019


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