Ashyq service in app together with the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan launched a new project. To visit public places, Kazakhstanis can now use the Ashyq service directly in the application.

The head of Mikhail Lomtadze commented: “We are constantly adding innovative services to our most popular super-application in the country, Today we are launching an opportunity for all Kazakhstanis to use the Ashyq service in the application to visit sports clubs, swimming pools, cafes and other public places. We are glad that, in cooperation with the state, we help our clients to have an active lifestyle during a pandemic, and Kazakhstani business to work, observing security measures."

Bagdat Musin, Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry:

"The Ashyq service allowed business to work in a pandemic, and us - to visit our favorite places and continue to live in our usual rhythm during a pandemic. We promised that this service will appear in the most popular applications of the country. Today it is available to customers. We understand our responsibility to the population of the country and we will make every effort to protect business and prevent the spread of the virus among Kazakhstanis."

To use the new service, you just need to open Kaspi QR in the application and scan the QR code installed at the entrance to the institution participating in the Ashyq program. After scanning, a status will be displayed on the smartphone screen, permitting or restricting entry to public places:

• Safe - no restrictions, PCR test is negative;

• Neutral - no restrictions, except in places where a PCR test is required;

• Contact - partial restriction on visiting objects;

• Infected - not allowed to go to public places. PCR test is positive.

If the entrance is allowed, you need to show the temporary pass to the employee of the facility and enter within 5 minutes.

You can check your status at any time in the application without scanning a QR code. To do this, you need to enter the section "State services - Ashyq. Coronavirus Status”.

The implementation of the project became possible due to the integration of information systems and JSC "NIT".

Earlier, the team, together with the Ministry of Digital Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, also successfully implemented projects to open an IE and re-register a car in the super-application.
14:22, 3 June 2021

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