Airbus showed flying taxi first flight

from open sources
Airbus Company shared on YouTube the footage of its first flying taxi Alpha One, part of Vahana project, reports.

According to Daily Mail, the flight took place back at the end of January in Pendleton (Oregon, USA). During the first full-fledged flight test, the unmanned vehicle took off at 16 feet (almost five meters) and was 53 seconds in the sky. During the following tests, the designers intend to test the ability of the drone to fly to the specified point.

The Alpha One is 6.2m wide, 5.7m long and 2.8m tall. It has a takeoff weight of 745kg and the space for only one passenger. The drone operates entirely on electricity. It has eight propellers and six rotors, can rise vertically and independently adjusts the position of the wings.

The development of Alpha One was started in 2016. The Airbus company plans to bring the product to the commercial market by 2020.

15:45, 23 February 2018


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