Two Kazakhstanis won in U.S. boxing event
In the main event of the boxing show in Santa Ynez (California, USA), Kazakhstan's Madiyar Ashkeev met with Puerto Rican Luis Hernandez, reports.

The battle lasted all ten rounds, and Ashkeev won by unanimous judgment.

It is the Kazakhstani’s 11th victory in the pro-ring, 6 of which were early.

Earlier this evening, another undefeated Kazakhstani boxer, Meyrim Nursultanov, came out for an eight-round bout vs. Mexican Ramon Aginagi, who was knocked out in the second round. Thus, Nursultanov won the 10th victory in pro-ring, 8 of them early.

In general, in the framework of the evening of boxing five fights are scheduled. The main event of the show is Kazakhstani Madiyar Ashkeev's fight vs. Puerto Rican Luis Hernandez.

13:11, 12 January 2019


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