Tokyo Olympics bronze winner gave interview to Kazakhstanskaya Pravda

At the Tokyo Olympics, Igor Son competed in under 61 kg weight. Immediately after the performance, Igor admitted that the medal result was a pleasant surprise for him. Nevertheless, the very participation in such a major start as the Olympic Games, for any athlete, means years of serious training, and, of course, a certain talent. In between preparations for departure to Kazakhstan, Igor kindly agreed to talk to our correspondent.

- Igor, congratulations on behalf of the entire editorial board of Kazakhstanskaya Pravda! How difficult was this competition to you?

- First of all, I want to thank you for your support and congratulations! As for the medal, to be honest, I didn't really count on it. The task was to perform well, to work out each approach. As a result, the “snatch” was 131 kilograms, and 134 was not counted. The "jerk" of 162 kilograms was not credited to me either, and we went, as they say "all-in" for a medal. Come what may!

- Ilya Ilyin said in his Instagram post that "the judges are brutes!" Your attempts were not counted twice. To what extent did it interfere with the competitive mood?

-True, they judged harshly. In general, everything was according to the rules, according to "merit".

- Before leaving for Tokyo, did you believe that you could lift so many kilograms? Immediately after the performance , you admitted that you had not raised so much before.

- Indeed, before leaving for Tokyo my result was 130 kg in the snatch and 160 in the clean and jerk. It was at home, in an atmosphere familiar to me, without any worries. The spirit of rivalry, I think, and, of course, the tactical skill of our coaching staff did the job.

- As you know, after the doping scandal, the International Olympic Committee gave only two passes to Tokyo for our weightlifters. The hope was practically only on you. How does it feel to have this responsibility?

- For me, any international start, when you represent the entire country, is very responsible. And then the Olympics! Every professional athlete dreams of such a chance, and I am happy that I got it. I was very glad to win the Olympic license. Of course, I was very worried, I felt a high responsibility. The whole country is anxiously watching you after all!

- Do you plan to change the weight category in the future or will you continue to compete in your own weight category?

- Not yet, I am not planning it. I'm comfortable in this weight category.

- The athletes were in quarantine the entire 2020, many starts were canceled. How difficult was it to prepare for the Olympics in this mode? How did you get out of the situation?

- It was not easy, especially at first, with restrictions. But weightlifting is not a contact sport and we do not need sparring partners for training, so over time, the coaches and I developed a training regime suitable for those conditions. In August, we started training. In addition, our federation carried out all the planned republican starts in a remote format. I took part in two of them.

- Is it hard to perform without spectators?

- Probably it's individual. Personally, I try not to be distracted when I go to the platform, as shouts from the audience, loud noise can affect the mood. At the time of the performance, I concentrate only on the weight to be lifted.

- To whom did you dedicate your medal?

- This is a medal of my country, my people!

- Igor with all my heart I wish you continued success!

- Thanks! Thanks to everyone who supported me! Many thanks to our coaching staff and Kazakhstan Weightlifting Federation.

Yulia Milenkaya
09:39, 30 July 2021

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