Kulginov promised to open sports facilities available for Nur-Sultan residents

Photo: Alexander Kuprienko
The development of mass sports with an emphasis on children was discussed by the akim of the capital Altay Kulginov at a meeting with representatives of children's and youth sports schools, federations, sports institutions of the city, reports with reference to the official website of the city akimat.

“A sports cluster has been developed in our capital. Annually we open new large sports facilities that meet international standards. The city is home to 1 million 200 thousand people, a third of them are young people.

According to the instructions of the Head of State, development of mass sports should be a priority. Our main task is to make sports facilities accessible to our residents,” the akim wrote on his Instagram page.

First. The Elorda Zhastary program was adopted, which includes the solution of such issues as housing, education, employment and recreation activities. Now we will add a separate area there - the development of mass sports with an emphasis on youth.

“For example, last year we opened an athletics sports complex, now only professional athletes in 7 athletics disciplines can train there. In order to increase the coverage of a larger number of the population, in September we will open it for everyone! That is, everyone will be able to engage in athletics disciplines! 750 people will be able to visit the track and field complex per day, and over 20 thousand per month.

Second. Our main task is to support children and youth sports. Now in the city there are 11 sports schools for children and youth, covering a little more than 8 thousand children.

With the help of additional funding, we plan to increase the number of children by more than 50%. We will also additionally hire coaches; there will be stands with information - where and in what types of mass sports our youth will be able to train.

It should be noted that the CYSS also has a separate direction, which is aimed at the sports development of children with special needs. Inclusive sports - 17 sports disciplines”, - said the mayor.

Third. At the systemic level, the number of courtyard clubs will continue to increase in the capital. If now there are a little more than 30 of them, then at the first stage they will increase to 50. This will make it possible to cover twice as many children.

Fourth. In addition, in 4 residential areas of the city - in Koktal, Ondiris, Urker (Ilyinka) and Zheleznodorozhny - public fitness centers are being built, and a table tennis center, which is popular in Asian countries, is also under construction.

“The construction of a sports and recreation center has already completed in Koktal. In these sports complexes, citizens can absolutely free of charge engage in various sports and improve their health.

Fifth. Within the framework of the master plan "Nur-Sultan is a comfortable city" over the past two years, the number of landscaped courtyards and public spaces (parks, squares, boulevards) has reached 400!

These public places include sports infrastructure: football, volleyball, basketball, street workout, bike paths, etc.

Thus, at the instruction of the President, we are developing the sports infrastructure with an emphasis not on professional clubs, but on providing maximum support to mass sports. Involvement in sports will have a beneficial effect on the health of the townspeople!" - wrote the akim of the capital.

20:28, 12 August 2021

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