Kuat Khamitov KOed Russian boxer in 50 seconds

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Kazakh boxer Kuat "Naiman" Khamitov performed in Russian Magnitogorsk at a mixed martial arts tournament organized by the AMC Fight Nights and Steel Heart leagues, reports.

His rival was Russian Maxim Panteleev, who was knocked out in the 50th second of the first round of the welterweight fight.

To Kuat Khamitov it is the twentieth victory in his professional career, and for Maxim Panteleev that was the second defeat.

Because of this fight, Khamitov was unable to speak at the court, although he was allowed to do it online in Russia, but he had a bad Internet connection and the hearing was postponed.

Khamitov faces up to three years in prison for his loud statements about the spread of coronavirus in Kazakhstan and calling for shooting at helicopters and hitting disinfectors. He was taken to the Almaty Police Department to conduct appropriate legal proceedings.

22:49, 22 January 2021