Kazakhstani knocked out American in two minutes and took champion title

In Houston (Texas, USA) a fight for the title of champion of the Fury Fighting league took place between Kazakh fighter Nikolai Veretennikov (8-3) and American Anthony Ivey (6-4), reports.

It was a welterweight event. The fight ended with Veretennikov's victory by knockout in the first round at the time mark of 2:00. Thus, Nikolai won the ninth victory in MMA, and Ivey suffered the fifth defeat in his career.

It is worth noting that UFC President Dana White was personally present at the tournament. Ivy has previously performed in his promotion.

Recall that the Kazakhstani approached this event on a series of seven victories in a row. In the last fight, Veretennikov defeated Stephen Jones by unanimous decision (8-2).

10:50, 17 May 2021

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