Kazakhstan won another victory at the hockey World Championship

Photo: HC "Barys"
The Kazakhstan national hockey team defeated the South Korean team in the third match at the World Championship in the first division, reports.

The game of group A took place on the evening of May 2 at Barys Arena in Nur-Sultan and ended with the score 4: 1.

With nine points, Kazakhstan is second, behind Belarus in terms of puck difference. Korea is third with six points. Hungary is fourth with three points, while Slovenia and Lithuania have suffered three defeats and have not scored points yet.

Today, May 3, at 19:30 Nur-Sultan time, the Hungary-Slovenia match will start, and on May 4, two games will be played: South Korea and Lithuania at 14.00, and Kazakhstan- Belarus at 17:30.
09:09, 3 May 2019


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