Kazakhstan hockey team defeated South Korea team

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Kazakhstan national hockey team held the third friendly match with South Korea. The game ended with a score of 7: 1 (4: 0, 2: 1, 1: 0) in favor of Kazakhstan, reports.

Kirill Baldin (7th minute), Artem Ignatenko (8th), Sergey Banashkov (14th), Daniyar Gabdullin (18th), Nikita Karpasov (35th), Maksat Ibraev (39th) and Pavel Zhilin (45th) netted the goals.

Recall that in the first match Kazakhstani team lost to Koreans with a score of 4: 5, and in the second game - 4: 7.

In the coming days, the teams will play two more exhibition matches between themselves.

Note that the national team included players from five clubs from the championship of Kazakhstan, as well as Damir Ryspaev from “Nomad”, who was appointed the captain. The head coach of “Astana” Andrei Manchenko heads the team.

The national team of Kazakhstan includes: Jelal-ad-Din Amirbekov, Alexander Kudryavtsev, Amir Adilzhanov, Kirill Baldin, Daniyar Gabdullin, Damir Akhmetchin, Maksat Ibraev, Nikita Karpasov, Ivan Lobanov, Kirill Pak, Ilya Solodovnikov, Didar Tuspets, Ilya Solodovnikov, Nikita Karpasov, Ivan Lobanov, Kirill Pak, Ilya Solodovnikov, Didar Tuspekov (“Astana” club), Sergey Banashkov, Nursultan Belgibaev (both are from "Almaty"), Rustem Aydash, Artem Ignatenko, Sergey Mashinets (“Irtysh”), Damir Ryspaev (“Nomad”), Pavel Zhilin (“Gornyak”) and Denis Makarov ("Beybarys").
09:10, 4 July 2019


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