Ilyin’s coach stepping down

Toyshan Bektemirov has been personal coach of the two-time Olympic champion for many years.
Personal coach of the weightlifter Ilya Ilyin Toyshan Bektemirov announced that he is leaving, reports citing

According to the coach, one of the reasons for it is multiple negative comments related to the doping scandal.

“I am not talking of resignation, but of leaving. ... Working alongside Ilya, helping him, being his personal coach, you feel responsibility to the country, the people and the President. People keep asking, why only athletes are punished, but the coaches are not,” Bektemirov said.

Ilyin, who doesn’t know of the coach’s decision, has repeatedly said that he had won the awards honestly and does not want to part with them.

Azamat Syzdykbaev
18:39, 22 July 2016

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