Free yoga and fitness classes will be held for Nur-Sultan residents

In summer, residents and guests of Nur-Sultan will be able to practice yoga and fitness for free, refers to the official website of the capital's akimat announcing.

The classes, organized by the City Department of Physical Culture and Sports, will be conducted by professional trainers and fitness instructors.

The first training session will take place this weekend on Demalys promenad street, said Akerke Utegenova, chief specialist of the mass sports department.

"Free classes and workouts will begin on the Demalys promenad recreation street, which will open on June 12. Also, on this street, our athletes will hold master classes in kyokushinkai karate, muay thai, taekwondo, rhythmic gymnastics. Besides, for organizing accessible sports, classes will be held with professional coaches in fitness, running, workout, zumba, yoga, breathing exercises, Scandinavian walking. The exercises will cover all parks and outskirts of our city, "Akerke Utegenova said.

The schedule of the classes can be found on the directorate’s pages in the social media and by contacting the contact number: 55-75-61.

13:54, 11 June 2021

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