Firuza Sharipova announced career end

World champion in professional boxing Firuza Sharipova from Kazakhstan announced the end of her career, reports.

"Dear friends! I decided to end my sports career. I want to thank my coaches, my manager, my team for their excellent work! Together we set several records in Kazakhstan.

Unfortunately, we stopped just one step from the main title in professional boxing. We were ready to win the title of WBC World Champion for Kazakhstan back in 2018, but could not do it solely for financial reasons. We were promised many times the funding for the fight for the WBC world title, but this did not happen.

For almost two years I kept fit to win this title at any time.  I'm tired of waiting. Keeping fit for big victories requires a huge energy, nerves, and money too. Unfortunately, I do not see any prospects for translating these efforts into results. There were many encouraging promises during this time, but they all remained promises. But life goes on, and I'm not ready to waste it on futile expectations.

I want to thank all my fans and everyone who supported me all these years. Forgive me for not being able to please you with the conquest of the main title. I tried my best, but not everything in this world depends on me,” Sharipova wrote on Instagram.

11:42, 27 September 2019


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