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1st republican tournament on national sports to be held in Astana

The event is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan Independence.
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First Republic "Astana zhuldyzy" tournament for national sports will be held in Astana, reports with reference to the website of Astana administration.

Competitions are scheduled for 8 – 10 September at the racetrack "Kazanat" (Kabanbay Batyr, 1).

The tournament will involve 16 teams from Astana, Almaty and 14 regions in such sports as middle distance horse racing, kokpar, audaryspak, tenge іlu and kyz kuu, togyz kumalak and asyk atu.

The tournament organizers have prepared a few surprises for the visitors and guests. For example, such predatory birds as eagle, hawk and falcon, who hunt foxes, wolves will be shown. One of the most interesting events of the tournament will be a festival of race dogs - tazy.

On the racecourse area the yurts will be installed to demonstrate traditions of the Kazakh people.

Within three days the concerts, crafts exhibition and a festival of national dishes will be held with the participation of outstanding masters of arts.
12:38, 7 September 2016

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