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Nazarbayev watched film "Kazakh Eli"

The epic film, initiated by the Head of State, was shot at the studio "Kazakhfilm" named after Shaken Aimanov, ordered by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.
The new Kazakh historical film is based on the novel "Diamond Sword", which is the first book of the saga "Nomads" by the classic of Kazakh literature Ilyas Esenberlin. The action takes place in the XV century, and the plot demonstrates the key events in formation of Kazakh statehood under the leadership of Khans Zhanibek and Kerey.

To work on the project attracted famous filmmakers of the country - director Rustem Abdrashev, writers Smagul Elubaev and Timur Zhaksybekov. A total of 500 people worked on the film.

"Kazakh Eli" will be released in the near future across the country, the presidential press service informed.

13:32, 2 November 2016

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