Yeraly Tugzhanov held meeting of IAC on COVID-19 spread prevention

Under the chairmanship of Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Yeraly Tugzhanov, a meeting of the Inter-Agency Commission on Coronavirus Spread Prevention was held, refers to official website reporting.

The IAC meeting made resolutions:

1. In regions that have been in the green zone for 7 days, from March 1 of this year, work should be allowed of: circuses, billiard clubs, children's entertainment centers - up to 30% occupancy; also sports events will be allowed (up to 30%), prayers (up to 30%) and commemorations (up to 30%, no more than 50 people).

2. In regions that have been in the yellow zone for 7 days, work should be allowed on Sundays of covered markets (grocery, non-food), shopping malls, retail chains from March 1 this year.

3. From March 1 this year, combined education of schoolchildren from grades 1 to 5 should be allowed, in international schools - from grades 1 to 7, with the exception of Mangistau, Kostanay, Zhambyl regions, where the largest number of violations of the sanitary-epidemiological regime was recorded.

The proposal of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development to increase the number of international flights with Turkey (4 additional flights), Uzbekistan (+ 4 flights), Kyrgyzstan (+ 2 flights) and Ukraine (+1 flight) was supported by the commission.

In addition, the Minister of Healthcare, Alexei Tsoi reported on the progress of drafting the bill on biological safety.

22:10, 24 February 2021