Yellow lines appeared on Nur-Sultan roads

Photo courtesy of the source
In Nur-Sultan, for the first time, yellow road marking lines were applied, reports with reference to the capital's Police Department.

It is reported that with the onset of favorable climatic conditions in the capital, work has begun on applying road markings.

For prevention of road accidents, the Police Department is taking measures to improve the existing organization of traffic on the roads of the capital, including using new schemes and technical means based on the experience of foreign countries.

On the territory of the capital, on an experimental basis, a double solid line of road markings in yellow was applied along Mangilik El Avenue (from Uly Dala street to Kabanbai Batyr avenue). It is also planned to apply this markup on Zhenis and Saryarka avenues.

It is noted that the requirements of regulatory acts regulating the procedure for organizing road traffic do not exclude the possibility of using the specified markings in yellow. Based on the results of studying the road situation during the operation of this markup, appropriate changes will be made to the legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

"This marking allows to focus the attention of drivers, thereby increasing the level of road safety, including when weather conditions deteriorate due to precipitation in winter," said Yelzhan Chupekov, head of the Administrative Police Department of the Nur-Sultan PD.
17:55, 17 April 2021