Work of hospitals and mobile teams will be stepped up in Nur-Sultan

Photo: Tauekelov
Deputy mayor of the capital, Bakhtiyar Maken, held a meeting with heads of medical organizations. The meeting discussed the epidemiological situation in the city and the work of healthcare facilities, reports with reference to the official website of the capital's akimat.

As the deputy head of the health department Aliya Rustemova said during the meeting, the epidemiological situation in the city remains relatively stable. Now Nur-Sultan is in the yellow zone. Since November 7, there has been a daily rise in the incidence by 0.3%. 8 hospitals are involved, that have 318 people. Of these, 193 (35%) are in infectious diseases, 125 are in quarantine units.

There are 16 laboratories in the city for conducting tests for CVI. Their total capacity is over 11 000 examinations a day.

From October 6 to December 2, 257 flights (31 436 passengers) were accepted. 4 387 people were hospitalized, 18 tested positive for CVI.

The provision of hospitals with ventilators is 100%. The pharmacies have a two-month supply of medicines.

The deputy mayor of Nur-Sultan requested to continue measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The management of the polyclinics was instructed to ensure strict control over the observance of the sanitary and disinfection regime and the use of personal protective equipment by the staffs and patients, correctly distribute the daily flow of patients, and promptly refer people with suspected pneumonia to CT and chest X-rays.

Planned outpatient receptions must be reduced, which involve visits to polyclinics, with the strengthening of mobile teams and remote counseling. Department of Sanitary and Epidemiological Control will oversee compliance with all sanitary and epidemiological requirements in polyclinics, educational institutions and business entities.

Mobile groups and the police department will tighten control over the observance of sanitary safety and quarantine in recreation and shopping facilities and markets.

19:07, 2 December 2020