Wife of Almaty assailant apologized to Kazakhstanis - Media

The woman said she had learned of what had happened from TV news.
Wife of the Almaty assailant, suspected of committing a terrorist act Ruslan Kulekbaev has apologized to Kazakhstanis, reports citing

In an interview to the TV channel, Ayaulym Umbetkulova said that Ruslan Kulekbaev was an exemplary family man and loved children, before he went to jail.

After he returned, their lives “turned upside down,” the woman said. She had no idea that her husband was going to mercilessly kill the police, nor had she any clue whereto he kept disappearing for days. Two days before the attack in Almaty, he sent his wife with the children to relatives in Kyzylorda region, the TV channel says.

The other day the woman was brought to Almaty from Baikonur for questioning. She could tell nothing important of the attack. Her husband promised to do some work in the city and come back in a week.

What exactly he was doing and how he earned money she doesn’t know either. Kulekbaev said that he working as a security guard at a flea market. The police also said that he was selling mobile phones there. In the seven years of marriage Umbetkulova never met any of his friends. For a few years their family rented apartments in different districts of Almaty, no longer than three months in each flat.

"After another prison term Kulekbaev wanted his wife to wear hijab, but she refused. In jail he came under the influence of non-traditional religion. She thought her husband to be deeply religious, and when she heard that he had committed the attack, she could not believe it.

Now the woman is most worried about the children, a little daughter and a son. Ayaulym apologizes to the families of the killed people dead and begs them not to curse her family.

09:04, 21 July 2016

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