Which areas of the capital will be gasified first

photo from open sources
The capital mayor Altai Kulginov studied the progress of construction of gas distribution networks, reports with a link to the official website of the city administration.

Gasification of the city will be held in three stages. Now, in the first stage, work is underway on laying pipes and preparing gas control points. The first phase of the project involves the supply of gas to gas distribution networks to CHPP-1,2,3, residential area Koktal-1,2, Agrogorodok, Zheleznodorozhny settlement, South-East (left and right). The number of houses is 13.5 thousand.

The next stage will be the gasification of the residential areas Michurino, Internatsionalny, Kuygenzhar (1-2 PCs), Telman (3rd PC), Prigorodny, Garden Village and Family Village (4th PC). The third phase will gasify the residential areas Ilyinka (1-2nd PC), Shubar (3rd PC), Ondiris (4th PC).

Gasification will reduce harmful emissions into the city air by 6 times, solids - 40 thousand tons.
10:50, 19 October 2019