Veterinary passports will be issued electronically in Kazakhstan

At a plenary meeting, the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan adopted amendments on veterinary issues, reports.

Majilis deputy Roman Kim noted earlier that the amendments and additions are being made to the Code "On customs regulation in the Republic of Kazakhstan" and the Law "On veterinary medicine".

The law also provides for the automation of public services.

“Today, veterinary passports in our country are issued in paper form, although one of the priorities of state policy is the development of information technologies and widespread digitalization, including public services. In this regard, it is proposed to legislatively consolidate the issuance of veterinary passports in electronic form. This will simplify the issuance and speed up the receipt of this document, and will also allow to establish their strict control, as well as to save significantly public funds," said Roman Kim.

In addition, the amendments propose the use of modern technical means in the implementation of state veterinary and sanitary control and supervision.

"Today, there are complaints about the material and technical equipment of veterinary inspectors. Our country today operates within the framework of a large single Eurasian market. This circumstance imposes even greater responsibility on the field of veterinary and sanitary safety. We propose to enable state veterinary inspectors to apply modern technical means, including photo and video recording. It is also important that the use of technical means will eliminate corruption components, as well as ensure control and monitoring of the work of veterinary supervision specialists," the deputy said.

Amendments are also made to the Customs Code related to the procedure for interaction between customs authorities and state veterinary and sanitary inspectors, as well as state plant quarantine inspectors at the customs border of the Eurasian Economic Union in the course of state control and supervision.
Laura Tusupbekova
12:48, 29 December 2020

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