TU leader raised miners' problems in Karaganda

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In Karaganda, a MoC was signed between Kazakhstan Trade Unions Federation and Karaganda region’s governorate, reports with reference to the TUF press service.

The document was sealed with signatures of the TUF chairman Yeraly Tugzhanov and Karaganda region’s governor Zhenis Kasymbek.

Within the framework of the memorandum, the parties agreed to take joint measures and develop agreed positions on pressing issues of implementing social initiatives, including in social and labor relations area.

The chairman of the Trade Unions Federation informed Karaganda region’s governor that the night before he had visited T. Kuzembayev mine of the ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC coal department and went underground into a more than 600-meter mine to speak personally with each miner.

According to Yeraly Tugzhanov, most of the miners requested reduction of the retirement age to 50 years, given the hard work in the coal mines.

In addition, the problem of the aging of the profession and the lack of youth in it was voiced. Today, the average age of Karaganda miners is 45 years.

These and other problems of the miners, according to the TUF chairman, should become the basis for developing joint recommendations to the Government of the country.

Another topic raised was protecting the labor and socio-economic rights of the workers and expanding the coverage of enterprises by collective agreements. 81% of the region’s enterprises are not covered by collective agreements, and accordingly the workers’ rights are not protected. Moreover, the coverage by collective agreements in trade union organizations is 94.2%.

No less relevant for trade unions is the issue of reducing occupational injuries and occupational diseases. As Tugzhanov emphasized, in Karaganda region during this period 92 people were injured in production, 12 of them died.

In addition, in the healthcare sector, a high percentage of primary occupational diseases was revealed in Karaganda - 65.8%.

On the same day, the TUF chairman met with staff of the Regional Center for Traumatology and Orthopedics. During the meeting, a presentation was made of the pilot project of mandatory social health insurance, which started in Karaganda region on September 1 this year.

Tugzhanov outlined support of health workers in their professional activities - a no less important task of TUs.

In total, today in Karaganda region 50 primary trade union organizations of the SENIM branch of health workers have been created and operate, which include 21 384 members.

20:39, 18 October 2019


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