Tsoi spoke about quarantine tightening in Kazakhstan

Since the quarantine regime easing in Kazakhstan, quarantine violations have grown, correspondent quotes the Health Minister of Kazakhstan, Alexei Tsoi, as saying at the Government meeting.

"Despite stabilization of the epidemiological situation in Kazakhstan, we see that the population’s alertness is falling. Wearing masks and keeping social distance are often slighted, which can lead to the spread of the disease and tightening of the quarantine regime in Kazakhstan, as it is happening today in many countries. The inspections show growth in the number of quarantine violation cases - from 30.4% to 40.7%, "Tsoi stated.

According to him, the growth in the number of quarantine violations is observed in 10 regions.

"In this regard, regional akims need to enhance control over the observance of quarantine and continue explanatory work among the population," the Health Minister added.

Aidana Demesinova
10:35, 30 September 2020