Tsoi said what is needed for development of epidemiological situation by optimistic scenario

At a meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alexei Tsoi said that the incidence of coronavirus has been at the same level for the last two weeks, reports.

According to the Minister of Health, according to the assessment matrix in the "dark red" zone, in the zone of critical risk, there are four regions of Kazakhstan. These are the cities Almaty, Shymkent, Karaganda and Atyrau regions.

"According to the WHO, on average in five of the six WHO regions, infection has increased by 80%, or nearly doubled in the past four weeks. Much of this increase is due to the highly transmissible delta strain, which is now found in 132 countries. Having studied the morbidity in Nur-Sultan, taking into account the fact that for the first time the "delta" strain was detected in the capital and led to a sharp increase in the incidence, we observe that during the last two weeks the incidence rate has been at the same level without exceeding the incidence rates," Tsoi said.

The minister noted that the number of ambulance calls over the past week has decreased by 11%.

"Based on the forecast of the epidemiological situation for August-September, we are following an optimistic scenario, where the predicted number of registered cases in August-September 2021 will be about 250 thousand people. Further development of the optimistic scenario is possible only if quarantine measures and vaccination of the population are observed," the minister concluded.

Earlier, the Minister of Health announced the forecast for coronavirus in Kazakhstan for August-September.
10:56, 3 August 2021

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