Traffic organization scheme to be gradually changed in Nur-Sultan

In Nur-Sultan, the existing traffic organization scheme is being gradually changed. These measures are taken jointly with state bodies and are aimed at preventing road accidents, reducing the severity of their consequences, reports with reference to the police department of Nur-Sultan.

The head of the capital's police department, Major General of Police Yerzhan Sadenov, said that this year, work has been done to change the existing traffic organization schemes and technical means of traffic regulation have been introduced.

For example, traffic lights have been built at 23 unregulated pedestrian crossings and 8 intersections, lighting at 16 pedestrian crossings has been installed, additional traffic light sections have been installed at eight crossroads.

Changes in the organization of traffic in the capital were introduced in stages throughout the year, as part of a pilot project based on the experience of foreign countries. To date, at 19 intersections, left turn and U-turn maneuvers are prohibited to reduce conflict points between traffic flows, while safe turn-around places have been arranged as an alternative at 13 sections; work is underway on two other sections.

This year, the first diagonal pedestrian crossing was used at the intersection of Valikhanov - Seifullin streets (TH "Artem", "Magnum"). A feature of this type of pedestrian crossing from others is the temporary stop of all traffic at the intersection and giving all pedestrians the opportunity to simultaneously cross the intersection in all directions, including diagonally. Prioritizing pedestrian traffic over car traffic creates the benefits of a diagonal crossing, such as the convenience and safety of pedestrians.

In order to prevent child road traffic injuries, road markings in white and yellow colors were applied in 69 areas near educational facilities, artificial road irregularities and road signs on a yellow background with a maximum speed limit were installed in 92 areas. Near the kindergartens in Otyrar 8/1 and Zheltoksan streets, zigzag lines of road markings are drawn a few meters before the pedestrian crossing, in order to concentrate the attention of drivers.

The time of the intermediate cycle has also been increased, the modes of flashing of the yellow and green signals have been increased from 3 to 4-5 seconds at all traffic lights. As a result, the number of accidents committed at regulated intersections has decreased by 55%.
16:42, 21 November 2020