Townspeople send ideas on Nur-Sultan development to Birge website

Photo: A. Kuprienko
The mayor of the capital Altai Kulginov spoke in Instagram about ideas for the development of the city that came from the townspeople to the website Birge, refers to the official website of Nur-Sultan akimat reporting.

In 10 days, the site Birge received 130 proposals from the townspeople in various directions.

These are, for example:

- Creation of an observation deck in the area of the Peace and Harmony Palace (where in 2021 it is planned to continue large-scale landscaping of the area with improvement and expansion of public space).

- Lighting at pedestrian crossings at night, "a bright light that signals to the driver about pedestrians."

- Launch of a single search engine, displaying the record of unscrupulous suppliers of goods / services, integration of the Astra Bus mobile application with 2GIS, opening of mini-markets inside warm stops, and so on.

"As you know, the work of the Birge website was launched so that the proposals of the townspeople for the development of the city were sent to a single database and we could develop our capital together. We will implement the best offers from residents in the city," Kulginov wrote, stressing that it is possible to make the city truly comfortable together.

Zhanat Tukpiev
20:45, 24 February 2021