Tokayev spoke about illegal demonstrations of mothers

Photo of the press service of Kyzylorda akimat
At an expanded meeting of the Council of the Kazakhstan People’s Assembly, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev spoke about illegal demonstrations in Kazakhstan, reports.

"Some of our mothers go to illegal demonstrations, raise a noise and violate public order. You very rightly said (Chairman of the Council of Mothers of the KPA Nazipa Shanai - ed.) about the problem of dependency, I believe that this is an urgent, public, and even a political problem. We have adopted a very good law on peaceful meetings. This is a very serious step forward in the development of democracy. Nobody interferes with peaceful meetings, demonstrations. Everything is specified in the law, even official permits do not need to be obtained," Tokayev said.

The head of state noted that meetings and demonstrations can be held in notification mode.

"But for some reason, some of our citizens consider it possible to violate this small requirement. I warn that such actions will be given a legal assessment. The task of the General Prosecutor's Office is to continue explaining this law to our citizens, and the task of all law enforcement agencies is to maintain public order in accordance with our legislation," the President concluded.

Ekaterina Eliseyeva
13:33,21 October 2021

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