Synthetic drug distribution channel liquidated in Almaty

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The synthetic drug distribution channel has been liquidated in Almaty that was led by resident of Turksib district of the city, reports with reference to the press service of the city police department.

"Before carrying out a special operation to detain the drug dealer, the Office for Combating Drug Trafficking conducted a series of operational and special measures, as a result of which the suspect’s criminal activity was confirmed. Shortly before his arrest, he sold a matchbox with psychotropic substance alpha-PVP for 40 thousand tenge. After this transaction, he was detained, "- deputy head of the Almaty Police Department Berik Abilbekov, informed.

Further, in the search at the suspect’s place of residence, a bag was found inside the heating furnace in the hallway, inside which polyethylene bundles were packaged with a substance in the form of powder and beige lumps. The total weight of the seized psychotropic substances is 1 kilogram 760 grams, said Berik Abilbekov.

The dealer received money from buyers through electronic payment systems and then cashed them through second-tier banks.

19:56, 22 November 2019


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