Some akimats ignore environmental issues - Nazarbayeva
Government Hour on the legal framing of forestry development and specially protected natural territories, as well as implementation of recommendations on legislative support for the conservation of biodiversity in Kazakhstan took place in the Senate, reports with reference to the press service of the Parliament.

As noted by the chairman of the Committee on Agrarian Issues, Nature Management and Rural Development Zhenis Nurgaliyev, establishment of a separate state body, the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources, will give fresh impetus to the protection, conservation and development of the natural diversity of Kazakhstan and will be conductive to creation of a favorable ecological environment. These issues should also be a separate and important topic for the entire Government.

The work of the ministries of agriculture and energy, internal affairs in the field of ecology and biodiversity conservation, fire prevention in forests, etc., were presented by respective Vice-Ministers Yerlan Nysanbayev, Sabit Nurlybai and Yuri Ilyin. A number of leaders and representatives of international, academic and non-governmental organizations also spoke.

Senators brought up control and supervisory functions, poaching, protection of rare and endangered animal species, the mass plague of fish on the Ural River and other problems.

Senate speaker Dariga Nazarbayeva drew attention to the problems of forest reproduction, protecting forests from fires and illegal logging.

"Some akimats at times completely ignore these issues, instructions of the emergency services. In Kostanay and Zhambyl oblasts, for one, there is not a single forest area with fire observation tower ", - Nazarbayev said, citing other examples of ecology neglect.

She suggested using digital technologies to address the mentioned environmental problems and speed up creation of a unified digital platform on accounting and condition of all the biodiversity components in Kazakhstan.

Funds raised from environmental fines should be directed to environmental protection measures, she proponed.

The Senate Speaker also tasked to develop joint environmental requirements for the EAEU countries.

19:37, 19 June 2019


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