Social survey conducted on public services quality in Kazakhstan

Photo: Talgat Akhanov
In Kazakhstan, a sociological study on the quality of public services has been completed as part of the state social order of the Agency for Civil Service Affairs, cites the Agency’s press service reporting.

The monitoring covered 65 of the most socially significant public services. According to survey of 14,219 service recipients, it was revealed that a little more than half (51.5%) contacted the offices of service providers. In 40.3% of cases, they applied to PSCs, of which only 1.6% received public services in self-service areas of PSCs. Another 8.2% of service recipients received public services on the portal on their own from their computer and mobile app.

“According to the public monitoring results, the highest ratings are in such services as: state registration of the issue of private bonds, issuance of a pass to enter and stay in the border strip, provision of a hostel for students in technical and vocational education organizations, reception of documents and enrollment in the organization of education, regardless of departmental subordination for training in general education programs of primary, basic secondary, general secondary education, consideration of applications for consent to economic concentration, adoption of a preliminary decision on classification of goods, queuing of preschool children (up to 6 years) for referral to preschool organizations and issue of a license for use of appliances and installations generating ionizing radiation, - the Civil Service Affairs noted.

The lowest ratings are in the services such as emergency call, state registration of rights (encumbrances) on immovable property, providing disabled people with resort treatment, registration of a trademark, paperwork for disabled people to provide them with prosthetic and orthopedic care and others.

It is noted that dissatisfaction was mainly expressed about the timing and cost of public services, the quality of feedback, as well as lack of competence and efficiency of employees of service providers.

The level of public satisfaction in the quality of public services is 74.8% (the average rating is 4.73 points on a five-point scale), which is 2.4% higher than last year (in 2018, the level of satisfaction was 72.4%),” the research says.

It should be noted that a significant part of public services has the potential to improve the quality of their rendering. It is necessary to continue work on optimizing the work of state bodies and the Government for Citizens state corporation in the services provision to the population. Equally important is the qualitative relationship between state bodies and branches of the State Corporation.

The results of public monitoring of the quality of public services can be found on the website of the Civil Service Agency.

10:18, 20 January 2020


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