Situation with bus driver without a license explained by carrier in Nur-Sultan

illustrative photo Akhanov
Information about the bus driver without a license, identified by the police, was commented on by City Transportation Systems, reports with reference to the CTS Instagram account.

“On October 12, 2021, some news portals and social networks published information about the results of the “Bus” action in Nur-Sultan. The report said that police officers had identified a public transport driver who was driving a bus without a driver's license.

CTS officially announces that this information requires clarification from the carrier. On this fact, it turned out that the driver of the shuttle bus has a driver's license of the corresponding category and has the necessary work experience.

At the time of the “Bus” action, he was stopped by police officers. The driver presented a temporary driver's license, issued instead of the main one, due to the expiration of the validity period,” the company explained.

CTS stressed that public transport drivers are checked daily before going on the line. Not only the state of health is checked, but also the availability of all permits for driving.

All drivers of the capital's bus fleets who work in urban and suburban communications have a driver's license of the corresponding category, the company said.
12:35,15 October 2021

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