RK MFA commented on situation with Kazakhstan students in Hong Kong

Photo: Talgat Akhanov
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan made an official commentary on the situation with Kazakhstan students in Hong Kong, reports.

"The Consulate General, together with the Association of Kazakhstan Students in Hong Kong contacted all Kazakhstan students and recommended that everyone left the city. To date, 208 of our students have left Hong Kong. Another 14 students are soon leaving the city. Some of our students are leaving Hong Kong notifying Kazakhstan diplomats, "the MFA said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan reminded that the state of emergency was not imposed in Hong Kong.

“We recommend that only our students return to Kazakhstan, because universities suspended classes until the beginning of the next semester - until January 2020. It is just a recommendation, we cannot force someone to leave the city. Diplomats are in touch with all the remaining students, and are always ready to help them,” it is noted.

It is reported that 195 of our students are on consular records, but about 250 students had contacted the Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan.

“We help them all, provide consulting assistance, escort them to the airport if necessary. Some of the students wished to stay in Hong Kong, because they feel safe. Recommendations to leave Hong Kong concern only our students, and we advise others against visiting Hong Kong unless absolutely necessary until the security situation in the city has stabilized,” – the Ministry concluded.

16:24, 22 November 2019


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