Results of fourth meeting of Land Commission announced by Yeraly Tugzhanov

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Land Reform Commission Yeraly Tugzhanov summed up the results of the fourth meeting of the commission, reports.

During the meeting, the members of the commission considered issues on the proposal to make changes and additions to the relevant provisions of the law to provide Kazakhstanis with the possibility of long-term lease of agricultural land for up to 49 years.

"To propose to the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan to analyze the shortage of pastures around settlements and to solve the problem of their shortage. There is also a proposal to prevent the latifundism in connection with the consideration in paragraph 4 of Article 50 of the Land Code of norms on setting the maximum size of agricultural land plots. Due to the fact that this issue has a legislative decision, a proposal was made to remove it from consideration," Yeraly Tugzhanov said at the meeting of the Commission.

"By the decision of state bodies, in the event of a change in administrative boundaries, to recommend legislative consolidation of the norm providing for budgetary funds for the re-registration of documents for land plots to individual and legal entities. Due to the fact that the transfer of agricultural land to sublease is not provided for by the current legislation, this issue has been removed from the agenda of the commission," the Deputy Prime Minister said.

Also, the members of the Commission voted for the agenda.

"During the week, these issues were discussed in the working groups. In this regard, by your agreement, today these issues have been brought up for the meeting of the Commission," Yeraly Tugzhanov added.

"First, I would like to thank all of you. Today, a big important decision was made. I think that the decision made will fully enable the introduction of land into economic circulation," the Deputy Prime Minister addressed the members of the Commission.

Earlier, the head of the working group on economic issues said that the majority of the members during the meeting of the working group supported the provision of agricultural land for rent up to 49 years.
15:35, 17 April 2021